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When it comes to your home appliances, you deserve peace of mind in knowing that they are functioning properly. Mid America Electronics & Appliance Services offers preventative maintenance on your appliances so you can extend their life and ensure they function efficiently for years to come. In addition, our company offers repairs for broken down appliances and electronics. For more than 25 years, customers have chosen us for appliance services in St. Louis, MO


No matter where your appliances were purchased or how old they are, our appliance services can keep them in prime working condition. Efficient appliance operation can save you money in energy bills, prevent replacement, and give you peace of mind. Our appliance repair services include common household appliances such as:

Nice Kitchen in St. Louis, MO

Refrigeration: Paying attention to small signs that your refrigerator could be failing can help prevent big problems or even an entire replacement. We specialize in fixing top brands, including Sub-Zero®, Electrolux®, Thermodor®, and Bosch®.

Freezers: We work on freezers, icemakers, and ice machines. Our trucks are stocked with replacement parts for all major brands.

Washing Machines: From repairing leaks to noisy units, our technicians are trained in every type of preventative and restorative appliance maintenance.

Dryers: This regularly used appliance can become a serious hazard when not maintained. We fix issues like overheating machines and clogged filters. Dishwashers: If your dishes aren't being cleaned properly, we can solve the problem

Stoves: We specialize in repairs for stoves, ovens, and ranges of all major name brands

Dishwashers: If your dishes aren’t being cleaned properly, our technicians can help solve the problem so you can avoid the need to replace the dishwasher entirely.

We service many different brands such as Kitchenaid Appliances, GE Appliances, and other commercial appliance repairs in St. Louis. Our repair services are thorough and done quickly so you can get back to enjoying your appliances fast. 


Now, more than ever, the electronics in your home can be sizeable investments you hope to maintain for many years. We fix damaged television screens, including LCD and LED products. In addition to that, many home appliances have electronic components which require a technician that is capable with electronics and appliances. Our electronics services include:

• Cracked Screens
• Picture Quality
• Parts Sound like They are Running But They Aren’t Working
• Sound Adjustments
• Burnt Out Bulbs
• Projection Issues or HDMI Cable Problems


As the technology used in home electronics and appliances changes, it is more and more difficult to find reliable technicians with the qualifications to fix your home products. For over 25 years, our company has provided top-notch electronics repair services because of our commitment to continued education. The technicians on our team are all factory-trained and know how to work with all of the top name brands. We keep your house running with thorough and dependable electronics repair.

Contact us today to schedule your preventative or restorative appliance services! Our experts can extend the life of your appliances and electronics through our careful repairs.